General Questions


Who is sprouting threads?

sprouting threads provides parents a web-enabled service to find just the right clothes to express their little ones unique style with options to adjust frequency, quantity & assortment to meet their family’s needs.


Our members receive high-quality new and/or pre-owned boutique children's apparel lines and an option to reThread outgrown clothes.  We charge a $20 styling fee, which is credited toward your order if you keep over $60.  

What is the process?

It’s easy! Just click on “Start Now” This will prompt you to complete a simple profile quiz, rate styles that suit your child, then checkout!

Step 1: style your threads

* rate the pictures/looks that your child loves/likes/wouldn't wear

* answer a few basic questions about sizing

* upload a photo of your child (optional)

* add any details you feel would be pertinent for us to pick the perfect pieces!

Step 2: count your threads

* select the quantity (number of outfits)

* frequency (monthly or seasonal)

* assortment (all new pieces or 1/2 new and 1/2 reThreads)

Step 3: receive your threads

* grab your box and open it up

* have your little one try on the outfits

* complete self checkout

* keep the pieces you like and return the others within five business days

Step 4: reThread

* when your child has outgrown their clothes, you can send them back in the prepaid envelope

* receive credit for all acceptable pieces

* use credit toward future purchases

Step 5: repeat

* scheduled deliveries help you keep ahead of your growing child's clothing needs

* we estimate your child's sizes each season based on your profile

* we remind you about your upcoming order ahead of time so you can adjust if needed



How does the quiz work?

Accurately completing the profile quiz for your children allows us to understand your child's preferences and styles.


1.Rate this look

The more photos you rate, the better grasp we will have on your child's unique style. We have divided looks into categories (Classic, Vintage, Sporty, and Funky) however most kids’ look crosses multiple categories.


These are the basic details about your child. Birthday, height, weight, current sizes are critical, as they are used for true-sizing across brands. We validate your child’s size against our brand specific size charts that rely on height/weight. You will likely receive items with different size labels in your order.

3.Upload a picture (optional)

Choose a file from your computer or take a new photo of your child. This personalizes the process and lets us better select visualize how pieces will work. Images are not shared outside of the company.

4.It’s all in the details

This is where you can give us any specifics you have learned about your child's likes or dislikes. Any and all information is helpful- favorite colors, clothing fit (skinny jeans, cinch waists, neckline), favored clothing type (dresses, skirts, t-shirts, button downs), accessories, etc. This is your time to make a short story long!


What is the cost?

We charge a $20 styling fee per shipment, which is credited toward your order if you keep over $60 from your order.  We style from a broad range of higher-end boutique brands, with new and reThreads across price levels. New pieces average ~$35, and outfits cost ~$65; reThread pieces average $20. During the signup process you can pick how many outfits you would like us to send. Shipping is FREE both ways. During the self checkout process you are charged only for what is kept, minus any style fees or applicable discounts. You will receive a 10% discount when keeping the full box


What brands do you offer?

We source from over 60 high-end boutique kids' clothing lines, with 30-60 on hand at any given time. Your box may include pieces from: Tea Collection, Andy & Evan, Appaman, Blu Pony Vintage, Vierra Rose, Nono, Kidz Art, Wes & Willy, Joules, Anthem of the Ants, Go Gently Baby, ToodyDoo, Peppercorn kids, Joah Love and many more. We are always seeking new and exciting stylish brands to offer at sprouting threads.


What sizes do you offer?

We currently offer pre- to middle-school age kids, ages 2-12. We also offer set Baby boxs, ages 6m-12m or 12m-24m, please inquire about details.


What is reThreading?

We recognize many pieces have a lot of life left after our kids have grown. reThreading allows our members to send back worn pieces that originated from us or some great gently used items from their own wardrobe for credit towards future purchases. Please reference our rethread guidelines for details on what is accepted. Members can also opt to include reThreads in their orders by selecting the "blended" subscription option; this allows for an expanded clothing range and a lower price. We provide you a prepaid shipping label/bag with every order to use to ship anything reThreads back to us at anytime. Check out our reThreads page for more details and to get started.



My Account


What should I expect in my box?

* You will receive the range of outfits ordered, tagged as new or reThreads.  We hand-style each box and account for your profile, order history, local climate, image, and other factors.  Outfits will be paired together within box, however many items can be crossed over with other items in box (note: you may receive different size items within your package-this is intentional and based on your child's height and weight and the sizing for each brand)


* You will also receive:

     - Invoice detailing the price of each item included

     - Return/reThread envelope with prepaid label

     - List of acceptable brands

     - reThread card-describing how it works

     - Return slip- Please provide us feedback to help us better serve you!


Can I add another child?

Yes. To add another child right away, please go through the full checkout process for the first child, and then select "add a child" option after checking out. If you would like to add another child profile at a later time, just log-in, and go through the "start now" process again to build the next profile.


How do I change my profile? (e.g., if my child has a growth spurt or interests change)

sprouting threads is built on the notion that kids are always growing. We automatically recalculate your child's sizes for each season-but sometimes that isn't enough. You can either log-in to your profile and make changes directly under the child's profile link or email us at info@sproutingthreads.com to alert us of changes. Please allow 15 days for any changes to take effect.


What is your cancellation policy?

We hope you never leave, but recognize kids grow up and needs change. You can cancel your subscription by logging into myAccount, go to mySubscription in the left column & click cancel subcription. If we receive your cancellation before the 1st of the month (11:59pm EST on the last day of the previous month), your box won't go out. Cancelling your account will permanently delete your account;therefore upon returning in the future, you will need to recreate a profile for each child.


Can I put my subscription on pause?

Certainly. Log in to myAccount; go to mySubscription in the left column & click suspend subscription or contact us before the 1st of the month and tell us how long you would like to pause, and we’ll be happy to put your account on hold.



Shipping & Payment


What will I be billed and when?

For members who choose the ship right away option for your initial order, you will be charged the $20 styling fee on that date. For subsequent cycles, or if you choose to start the next cycle date- you will be charged on the 1st of the month or season. 


Once you receive your box you have 5 business days to try on items, decide which to keep, complete the self checkout and return any items not kept. If you keep items totally over $60, the $20 styling feel will be applied toward your order. If you keep all items in the order you will receive a 10% discount.


Self checkout should be completed within 10 days after the shipment has been created or your order will be finalized for the full box value.


Self Checkouts completed after the 10th business day the styling fee of $20 will be forfeited. For returns activated after the 15th business day- a sprouting threads credit will be given for all returned items. For returns activated after the 30th business day, you will receive a sprouting threads credit and will be charged a $25 restocking fee.


How does Self Checkout work?

Once you receive, try on and decide what is being kept-log in to your myAccount page. Upon logging in you will see a Green Self Checkout box; click on the blue SELF CHECKOUT button, select the current order to be finalized, complete the return reasons for any items being sent back & submit final order. Upon submitting the order the card on file will be charged. You can then bag up (in the provided/pre paid bag) & place in USPS within 48 hours.


How do renewals work for my subscription or a gift?

For your convenience, shipments will continue until you pause or cancel. You can change or pause your subscription at any time simply by contacting us.


Gifts (purchased by contacting us) are purchased for a set price and do not automatically renew. If you would like to renew a gift subscription contact us and we will be happy to help.


Do I have to pay for shipping? When can I expect to receive my box?

Shipping is FREE both ways. When your box ships, we will send you an email notification with your tracking information. Boxes will ship ~2-3 days after receipt of your first order or on the 10th of the month or season.


How can I change my shipping address or billing info?

Just login to sprouting threads and go to myAccount. From there, you can edit your shipping address, billing information, or add another child. Please allow 15 days for any changes to take effect.



Returns & Exchanges


What is your return policy?

Simply return unwanted pieces within 5 business days. We have provided you a pre-paid shipping label and bag to use for easy returns. All items must be in original condition with the brand tag and the sprouting threads tag attached

Return steps:

1. Please visit your myAccount page and check RETURN COMING YOUR WAY

2. Complete the self checkout process-please let us know why you didn't like the items, so we can make your next order even better!

3. We have provided you a prepaid shipping label/bag to use for easy returns; items must be sent within 5 business days from receipt to receive credit.

*If self checkout has not been completed by the end of the 10th business day; your order will be finalized for the full box value. After the 10th business day-styling fee of $20 will be forfeited & credit card credited for all returned items. After the 15th business day- a sprouting threads credit will be given for all returned items. After the 30th business day, you will receive a sprouting threads credit and forfeit your $20 styling fee).

4. We will only charge you for pieces you keep. If you keep more than $60, we will apply the $20 styling fee against your order. If all items are kept from shipment, a 10% discount will be applied.

please use the self-addressed envelope/bag


Once we've received your return package, we will review that all items noted at self checkout have been returned and we will charge your card on file for any discrepencies.


Can I exchange a piece for another size or request a specific piece?

We will do our best for sizing and specific piece requests, but may not have the exact piece available. For specific piece requests, we suggest you write comments in the note field to let us know what pieces/brands/items you might be looking for. Please e-mail us at info@sproutingthreads.com and we will check our inventory to find a suitable alternate. We do not charge for size exchanges.



Gifting & Referrals


Can I gift a sprouting threads subscription?

Certainly. Please contact us if you would like to offer sprouting threads to someone. We will be happy to help!


I received a gift card, how do I redeem it?

First of all, congratulations what a great gift! It is easy, just click on “Start Now”and it will take you through the easy sign up process; starting at the profile quiz. At the billing page it will ask for you to add your credit card information as well as a gift certificate number, this will be automatically apply to your account.


Can I benefit from referring my friends?

Our members sharing their experiences is our best source of new customers! Our referral program helps members share their experiences and provides an incentive to both the referrer and new member.

How does referring work?

Members each have a unique referral link (URL) accessible via the myAccount page. Both the referring member and new member each receive a $25 sprouting threads credit (viewed as 25 "points") for each successful referral. The credit is automatically applied to each account and there is no limit on referrals.  Members can view their referral credits under my points and rewards. 


How can I share my referral code?

Your unique link (URL) is located on your myAccount page. After logging into your account, "my referrals" is in the left column. Members receive credit after friends have created an account.  You can share (refer) two different ways.   


*1. Use "send invitations" option in MyReferrals to send an email to your contacts (no limit).  Once a new member signs up with the referred email address, the credit is processed.


*2. Copy the URL link into an email, text message, or social media post. Friends click on the the URL this will send them directly to the site to get started (With this method, they must complete profile via the unique URL in order to be tracked). 





I represent a boutique clothing line that I think would be a great fit for your service, How can I submit my line for consideration?

We love hearing from new companies! Please e-mail us at info@sproutingthreads.com to submit the range you would like us to consider, please include product detail/lookbook along with wholesale pricing. We’ll contact you if we are interested to ask for more information or samples.